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Spark a change, make a difference

Upswells platform empowers employees at all levels in the company  to start an initiative, voice their opinion and spark change. From complainers to corporate change makers. 

Find out how we can enable progress for your organization.

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Get the real pulse on your organisation.

Get access to the raw, unfiltered opinions among your employees through a platform that encourages sharing by assuring employees they are 100% anonymous.

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Foster a healthier & happier workspace

Create meaningful change by listening to what your employees want. Crowdsource and co-create policies and organisation changes, effectively unlocking bottom-up innovations.

Keep it within your company

Upswells offers a private workspace for each company and drastically lowers the barrier to speaking-up. This allows risks to be captured effortlessly before they result in $xx billion damages.

When employees speak up, companies win


expressed excitement to come to work to do their jobs


more likely to want to stay with the company, even if offered a comparable position elsewhere


would recommend their company as a great place to work

*based on a study by MIT Sloan

We know what employees need to create change confidently
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100% anonymity, guaranteed.

We delete employees' identity from our records as soon as their identity is verified, making them untraceable and 100% anonymous. Privacy is our highest priority.

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Multiple ways to engage

Employees can use initiatives to create specific change, polls to get a sense of the landscape, or simply comment or vote on others' posts to provide their inputs

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Flexible identity switching

Employees have the option to choose and switch between multiple identities - being purely anonymous, using a pseudonym, or using their real identity.

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Track progress and create impact

Employees can track how their posts are doing and are notified when you take action. Plus, they receive action plans from you within the platform itself, closing the feedback loop.

Companies trust Upswells to get results

Chris Chandler / CEO

A workplace culture of trust and open conversations is the bedrock of all innovation and initiatives. For this reason, I'm so glad that we have something like Upswells in Asia. Being able get solutions from all levels of the company is just amazing and helps us improve so much faster. .


Shanker Pillai / Head of Innovation

Upswells is like a superpower - leadership can now not only get brutally truthful insights on what's happening in our workforce but we can see the most widespread opinions and desired solutions for any current problem, even as they evolve.

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Lisa M / Head of Compliance

Where I used to suffer in silence on issues like burnout and harassment I can now talk in absolute freedom and get support from a community of people. It's an incredible psychological relief to be able to have a voice

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